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Microsoft B42

Microsoft B42

Spider Web Gate

Spider Web Gate

Ketchikan Shipyard

Massive ship building facility servicing all of Alaska. Heavy duty crane runways with exacting tolerances proved challenging along with the aggressive schedule. Huge open spans to facilitate large door openings were all constructed of built up structural truss assemblies.

UW Medical Center

Extensive use of massive structural buildups in both the parking garage and new hospital set this challenging project apart. The highlight being a massive 100 ton truss constructed of W14x600’s.

Darigold Processing

Retrofit of damaged processing facility. Bottom 3 stories were completely replaced while 5 additional levels were placed on top. Project contained unique brace orientations as well as large quantities of stainless steel integrated with the structural assemblies.

Dreamlifter Operation Center

The Dreamlifter Operations Center will be the Everett base for four of the huge Dreamlifters, and will support assembly of 787 Dreamliners at Boeing’s Everett plant. It will help the oversized Dreamlifters land, disgorge 787 assemblies, refuel and take off again, in as little as two hours. The site is directly south of the Future of Flight Center, which tourists first visit before touring Boeing’s facilities.

Granite (Amazon)

Over 1 million square foot shipping facility with half of the complex containing a mezzanine level as well. Extremely tall columns fabricated in one piece were unique to this project. Also the mezzanine level was designed with larger section sizes and increased bracing to accommodate heavy loads.

Project Waterfall

Project Waterfall is 311,452 SF water bottling production/distribution facility with a 375 SF guardhouse and 5,000 SF office space for Niagara Bottling. This project was awarded to Choate Construction and SteelFab both based in Charlotte, NC and sub lent to Lease Crutcher Lewis and Precision Iron Works for logistical reasons.

Auburn Boeing building

Machined Base assembly’s which were embedded in the concrete slab for a Robotic Arm to attach to at the Auburn Boeing facility. The project also included Utility trench embeds and covers plates, HSS frames and various other weldments.


This project is a 127,171 SF specially designed readiness center to support four occupant organizations of the Washington Army National Guard. The facility includes a specially designed 10,000 SF sensitive compartment information facility. Other areas of the facility will include a prominent entry and stairway with specialized finishes, multiple reinforced concrete storage vaults, assembly area, and support spaces. Steel structure includes Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) framing.

Microsoft Data Center

Extremely unique project involving lots of rolled round HSS members framing into square HSS members. The design was much different than traditional structural fabrication. Further the entire structure was exposed to view and the elements so aesthetics were important along with a weather resistant galvanized finish.

Bellevue Square

Upgrades at the Bellevue Square mall converting JC Penny’s into the new South Commons shops. Additions to the center include skylight framing from built-up girders 100’ in length up to 7’ deep, aesthetic rooftop mechanical platforms, multiple design/build stair systems, architectural railings, rolled Corten landscaping, green screens and entrance structures.

Repair Quarterdeck Hospital

Repair Quarterdeck Hospital

Factoria Recycling and Transfer Station

The Factoria Recycling and Transfer Station project was a $55M new construction facility constructed in Bellevue, Washington. It consisted of over 510 tons of structural and miscellaneous steel. The project required a Tnemec coating system over and SP-6 prep as well as extensive use of galvanizing. Precision Iron Works employed our standard proactive, team building approach utilizing the latest in 3D modeling software and integrated BIM modelling.  This along with our extensive use of detailed sequencing, enabled our partners PCL Construction to finish the project on time and within budget.